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Online Deal Hunting Before Christmas

So today is the last shopping day before Christmas. Since here in Canada we have a boxing day sale on the 26th most retailers conduct its online sales today and the in-store ones on the actual date. Funny enough, this can actually make last minute Christmas shopping a good way to save money assuming you are not too concerned about having to give your gifts on time.

Example, I had a family member telling me that he really needed some computer items like a wireless router. I know that he needed a bunch of other stuff too and was able to find a pretty decent deal for all of this:

I did find it interesting that some online stores actually have a queue system now as in previous years the sheer amount of site traffic that one receives is enough to take the whole site down.

There were some pretty laughable sales that I noticed in some places like this one:

What were they thinking? At least I get to relax now from all the shopping and bargain hunting.

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