One Year Till The 2010 Olympics And Opportunities

One Year Till The 2010 Olympics And Opportunities

As expected there was a lot of events around here in Vancouver today as we are exactly one year away from the Olympics that are going to be held here. The Olympic torch kind of had an interesting design I thought as you can see here:

One big topic that is constantly being brought up here is whether or not the Olympics will be a good or bad thing for the economy here once everything is all said and done. As well, there seems to be a non stop end to the amount of people who are looking to capitalize on the event financially.

I’m still trying to think if there is anything I want to create for this event as it is a once in a lifetime type of deal. I was thinking of something that would require some help of other people though mainly for the sheer and fun and passion of it first of all. Anyone in the BC/Vancouver area feel like creating something? :mrgreen:

Who knows, maybe this can be another opportunity where doing something for the passion of it will just end up generating an income.

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