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One Time Incidents To Justify Big Purchases

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Today I got caught up with some work and as a result I wasn’t able to do some stuff that normally required me to be at home to do. The first thing that came to my mind was that I could have done the task if I had the right gear to work with. However, that would require purchasing a piece of gear that would probably cost about $500 and honestly it doesn’t happen all the time.

It reminds me of a common situation such as people one day experiencing an incident where they don’t have the home computer with them to do a task. Therefore, because of that one incident they then run out to buy say a $1000 laptop. The funny thing in these scenarios that I have personally noticed is that people who purchase things that abruptly usually don’t even use what they bought much at all.

Imagine how much money you could over the years by avoiding purchases like that. At times like these I would say renting or borrowing from a friend would be a lot wiser as that way you are giving yourself an idea on whether or not you would truly adapt the item in question into your regular routines. Odds are for many they usually begin to seriously think before they spend afterwards. Might seem right at the time solely because of the biasness of the scenario where you just want the quick fix solution.

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