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One Risk Taker

I noticed that for many couples nowadays it seems to be more common that one person will stick to a regular 9-5 type of job setting for a semi stable income while another would go the opposite direction to say start their own business. The reasoning seems to be that there is a big potential if the business idea takes off and so it is worth the risk and at the same time they still have at least one person as a financial backup.

For some reason it’s usually the wife I have noticed too who is the one that is trying to create the self employed environment. It’s almost like a stereotypical setting where it’s always the guy that goes out to work while the wife does house stuff. Except now the wife is trying to do more to capitalize on the opportunities that are out there. Although, nowadays it can go either way in terms of the roles as there doesn’t seem to be a gender limitation.

Is this the best way to attempt financial prosperity as a couple? In some ways I think it would be a little better if both couples tried to accumulate funds together first to enable themselves to spend a good year focusing on nothing but growing a business. In the meantime they could work at it part time. I guess it does heavily depend on the type of business idea you have too.

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