One of The Strangest Car Purchase Guarantees I Have Seen

One of The Strangest Car Purchase Guarantees I Have Seen

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I was reading this article today at which talks about how the car manufacturer GM is offering consumers a 60 day money back guarantee. Essentially, you can buy and use the car for 60 days where if you are unsatisfied with it you can return it for a full refund. It almost sounds more like a consumer electronic purchase.

Here’s the thing though. While reading more into this deal it appears that if you inflict $200 worth of damages to the car you will not be entitled to get your money back. As the article mentions, even something such as a little scratch can technically be that $200 worth or damage.

To me, these kinds of guarantees are kind of dubious I think. You almost have to just leave it in the garage to semi guarantee that you would still qualify to return it if you don’t like the vehicle. Basically, the guarantee isn’t really practical. Maybe if it was something like you can return it except you would have to pay for the damages would be a little more consumer sensible.

Of course, that would make it more prone for abuse where one can essentially lease a car for free for 60 days. With that, I personally don’t see how this promotion helps in anyway if the goal was to increase car sales.

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