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One For The Kid And One For You

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My brother was telling me something funny today. Essentially, I bought a Nintendo DS for his family awhile back as a gift and of course his kid loves it. As well, he plays it at times too. Now for one game in particular it takes awhile to play and therefore you can save your progress to continue later. Problem, his son constantly deletes the file(Only about 3 years old).

So, this week there is a sale where you can buy the system at a pretty hot price and so he was is going to buy one to avoid the file from being constantly deleted. Therefore, one for him and one for his son. That made me think how it is a kind of a funny money drainer when you think about it.

It’s almost like buying two television sets where you designate one where the kid is going to potentially break and the other is just for you. It’s like one of those things too where you think there must be a better solution than just spending more money. Although, I guess for parents sometimes spending the extra to get some peace and quiet is worth it huh? :mrgreen:

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  • Peter Luke 9/22/2009

    I think that priority is the bottom line to this story. Your brother must have thought having two Nintendo DS was worth the money to maintain “peace and quiet”. 😉

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