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On The Lot TV Show

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So there is a new TV show called On The Lot that started yesterday which is basically a reality show about aspiring film directors who are going against each other to win a million dollar contract with Dreamworks to make a movie. The theme interests me very much personally since I have a background in film.

Aside from all of the technical and production aspects of the show, one thing that stuck out to me was how there was a part where everyone had a limited amount of time to come up with a film story and then pitch it to three judges as if it was a real person pitching a film idea to an executive producer. You know, a lot of the events and advice that were shown at that part were so true in a general sense for anyone who has ever had to sell anything.

It kind of showed where if you don’t really believe in what you do that it is kind of hard to mask that as you are basically projecting your lack of confidence in what you are saying to everyone as well. I always like these kinds of examples as people are usually so caught up in doing a task as oppose to focusing on themselves first and asking if they are truly prepared mentally on what they are doing. For example, it’s kind of like people that want to make money by starting a business who then simply focus on ways to do that when really I’d say you first need to make sure that you have the right attitude and mindset.

I think I am going to enjoy this show and it should be fun to watch.

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