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Olympics 2010 Mascots

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Earlier this week it was revealed on what the 2010 Olympic mascots here in Vancouver will look like as you can see below:

Its names are Quatchi, Miga and Sumi. From what I read, the initial goal was to make the mascots neutral so that both a child and adult could easily recognize or relate to. I personally feel the design leans more towards a playful direction that is more catered to a young spirited audience as oppose to something that is more neutral. Just for the record, in general I personally don’t mind designs that are stylized and playful.

I know the more conservative crowd here seem to be more critical with comments such as how they don’t believe these mascots do anything in terms of representing the city symbolically or that the style is “hideous”. That is sure not stopping anything from a business end though from what I see as people are already buying merchandises for memorabilia sakes.

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