Older Methods of Doing Business

Older Methods of Doing Business

I visited a store today as I was specifically looking for a part and evidently the power around the area died. It was interesting as for this business it heavily relied on using electronic payments to take customer orders. However, the business was unprepared to handle sales orders manually without the computers.

For example, even though they had all of the necessary paper work to take orders manually they couldn’t even successfully process cash payments as the store didn’t have any change to give the customers. On top of that it seemed like no one was really trained to right manual receipts for the company as odd as that may sound.

That just made me think how while we have all these tools and resources to help make life faster and easier you shouldn’t completely ignore familiarizing yourself with the older methods of doing things as well. If anything it will expand your knowledge so that you can come up solutions at times like these to run a business.

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