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Offering A Low Cost Freebie For A Business Blunder

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So recently I went to a smartphone repair store as you may remember to replace the battery as the old original one seemed to be on its last leg. There was already some weird business practices initially so this time I was prepared to document my whole experience. Essentially what happened was they claimed my back phone cover was broken and when they opened it the cover cracked into a ton of pieces and needed replacing. Which they wanted me to pay for. After dealing with this I notice the case doesn’t seem to be tightly fit. You can kind of see the glue not holding as well.

So I brought it back as obviously they didn’t do something right. When I brought it back at first they were claiming I must have placed the phone around something really hot for a while for it to come loose. That wasn’t the case of course. They agreed to reseal it and said it would be about thirty minutes. So I left my phone and would return later. I guess it wasn’t too surprising that they now apparently had another issue.

In this case the guy was now saying the battery was actually bloating up which caused the case to open. Kind of crazy considering it hasn’t been that long. The person pretty much shrugged it off and implying that batteries have no warranty. Without getting into the details what was interesting to me was how at the end he wanted to put a screen protector on my phone I suppose as a way to say they are compensating me. In reality what they should be doing is simply covering the cost and all of the bad battery they sold me period.

It makes me wonder how effective that actually is for a business where believing that giving way a low margin item for free makes up for a higher cost mistake of sort. It must work to a certain extent.

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