Odd Simplii Financial Card Mailed
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Odd Simplii Financial Card Mailed

This was odd as recently I was told that I had a mail at a very old address and the guess was it was some kind of credit card. I wasn’t expecting anything plus the fact that nothing financial related should be sent to such an old address. Upon opening it the item appeared to be a bank debit card from a company called Simplii Financial. I don’t recall ever signing up with this company.

It seemed to indicate that this was a new card that they were sending me which made me wonder has this account actually been opened for a long time? Technically you had to have activated the card for it to work where in that sense there should be no issue of say fraud since it was idle. I did check my credit reports too and it didn’t seem to indicate anything weird as well.

I will phone into this bank later to try and see what is going on. Apparently this happens to be a digital only bank owned by CIBC, which is a very large bank. But there doesn’t seem to be ways to speak to someone in-store for it. This will be interesting if anything weird comes up.

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