Odd Creations To Take Advantage of Fear
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Odd Creations To Take Advantage of Fear

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Looks like not much here happened in regards to all this tsunami news fortunately. It was interesting to see how animated people in say the media were about it many times as it was nowhere near the type of catastrophe that hit Japan. One that that did seem kind of weird to me are the items that people are trying to sell in order to profit out of the event.

For example, you see things such a tsunami survival kits, tsunami family relief kits, etc. In many cases, they were absolutely no different than any other survival type of kit except they just used the buzzword of the day to market it more. This got me curious to read about other things that people would try to profit with. Not surprisingly, there were things like “Tsunami Insurance” too.

Makes me wonder just how legitimate that type of insurance is as I bet there are all sorts of clauses where there is a technicality that would make redeeming it invalid. Example, that tsunami was caused by an earthquake and so your insurance doesn’t cover it. Guess we’ll just have to wait and see the type of long term impact this will all have.

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