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Nullifying Shipping Costs With Coupons

Today I was thinking of buying a book online where unfortunately like many sites you have to purchase a certain amount of dollars in order to get free shipping. Without that minimum the shipping cost was about $5. So the first thing that came to mind was to find an item that was cheap to essentially be a a cart filler in order to get free shipping.

There didn’t appear to be anything reasonable as all the purchases would make me spend say $8 more on something that I didn’t really want in the first place which is wasteful I felt. So instead I just went coupon hunting to see if I could find anything that would give me a discount that would even out the shipping cost to as if I was getting it for free. Sure enough, it took me one minute to find a $5 off your entire purchase coupon. So in the end, it was like free shipping.

Granted you could be getting a better value in theory by finding a good cart filler, but doing that too much is actually making you spend more I say.

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