Nudges of Encouragement
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Nudges of Encouragement

It was fun to see today where a person that I met way back often updated photos with minor posts about the places he has been to as his job required him to be in various cities across the world. I suggested to him back then that he may have fun documenting his journey a bit more thoroughly such as by blogging and it definitely caught his interest but of course was a bit fearful of the unknown like most people. So he basically started by with a more simple route such as creating a Facebook Fan page of sort.

From there he seemed to have got confidence to take it more seriously and sure enough today I see that he has pretty much dived into it in a consistent way and it seems like he has integrated it into his lifestyle and has made good use out of it. This almost reminds me of like teachers and how one little word they say can semi dictate a path that a child would take in their life. I suppose like in this case it isn’t always about money as a way to help get people started but rather at times it’s just simple words of encouragement to help them get going.

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