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Now That You Have Seen The Sales

I think I have seen most of the boxing day sales that are going to take place for most of the large stores that I may be even remotely interested in buying things from. It sure helps a lot in determining if I should just hold off any purchases to save money. This is usually the time too where if I am buying a big ticketed item for friends or family I tell them to wait till after Christmas to get their presents.

I am reminded too after seeing the sales at how ridiculous the prices drop for things like candy and treats just one day after Christmas. It’s like virtually everything is fifty percent less. As well, seeing the prices that the items will be on sale for kind of makes it painful to even do any shopping right now. Clothing items seem to be the only thing where you can pretty much find similar deals right now I think or if you are shopping one of those brands that insist in never selling its items for a cheap price to maintain a certain image. Example, I find it kind of slily that saving like $20 on an iPad is supposed to constitute as some kind of crazy deal.

Time to start organizing where to do my shopping from.

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