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Not Working As Hard When It Is Free

While it’s nice to save money and free is usually always good I noticed a few examples over the week where getting something for free actually made people not take things as seriously. For example, if you were given a worker of sorts that would normally cost others $60/hr where you get their help for free most people would try and use their service to the max for that price. However, people that were getting it for free simply didn’t utilize the help productively as to them it doesn’t cost them anything.

I was thinking how while it’s true that there is no upfront cost they are sure losing a lot of help to catapult their current situations. In that sense they are losing money. Ironically that is why sometimes it’s better to be in non-fortunate situation to get you to really work hard. The risk is greater which in many ways is the motivation lot of people need to get things going.

Is there actually a way to train yourself out of that habit where when you get things for free you take it for granted where it does in a sense effect your growth and potential? I guess for me it’s just about meeting and learning about a ton of people and their lifestyles. It helps to keep you grounded and to better understand the decision you need to make to potentially get similar results to whichever example you are looking at.

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