Not Supporting Competitors

Not Supporting Competitors

There was some news I was reading about how the company Apple was thinking of taking off support for various Google products such as Google search for the default search feature for the upcoming Apple iPhone 5. The main reason seemed to be that maybe Apple wanted to start pushing their own apps more in order to generate more revenue and market share.

This makes me wonder if that would work in this case where it could backfire since so many people already use the service. I suppose the scenario would be a bit different if the companies were a little more even in terms of size and financial power. Then again, a company like Apple does have a huge following where most people are specifically just tied to their brand/product and as a result they will use whatever the company tells them to.

It is an interesting note though in terms of doing business where many times people complain that a competitor is growing faster than them yet at the same time they are continuing to fund and promote them in many ways whether it be through smaller purchases or things they mention that they can’t get anywhere else. It’s always more captivating to find out what happens when huge corporations do this.

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