Not Suggesting Options Not To Buy Your Business Offerings

Not Suggesting Options Not To Buy Your Business Offerings

This made me think today as there was a person that came up to me immediately asking if I have heard of their organization. I did not and assumed she was just going to give me say a brochure. But instead, she bluntly tells me to go to her mini booth of sort. I was actually on my way to do something but figured again it would be just a brochure, so I went to her out of being polite. But as I went there it was clear she had to go through a whole presentation.

I didn’t have time so I informed her I had to do some work and she was okay with it. But what this got me thinking is how usually people would ask first such as if you had time to speak with them. If that happened here initially then I wouldn’t have even went to the booth. But because she just started walking over as if I agreed to it that action at least got me further than normal. Of course, in the end it was technically a waste of time for everyone.

It kind of reminds me of some sales techniques where you don’t suggest an option of something or nothing like an extended warranty. Instead, one sales tactic during the checkout is to simply ask how many years do they want the product covered. Not surprisingly, many people will choose one of the options versus if you ask them if they want the extended warranty a lot would just say no. I have actually never seen anyone aggressively do things like an elevator pitch as an example except in the movies. I would imagine it could go either way where the person either thinks you are rude or admire your guts to even try in that way per se.

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