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Not So Dollar Stores

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The other day I went into a mall in the Richmond area and the people I was with happened to have needed to go to the restroom. As I waited, I noticed that there was this dollar store called “Buck or Two”. From first glance, I just assumed it was like any other dollar store except with this one nothing was over $2.

They happen to have a lot of its items displayed outside of the store so passer buyers can get a glimpse at the products that they sell. What caught my attention were the prices as it looked like so many items were well over $1 or $2.

For example, there was this inflatable baby pool that was marked as $9 as you can see here:

As well, there were a lot of other things such as balloons that cost almost $15. So the prices definitely caught my attention, but in a different way than intended I’d say. I’m almost inclined to say that seeing items like that would discourage one from shopping at a place like this as the uniqueness is suppose to be the price and this in a sense makes it a regular store.

Maybe in this case since it was a summer item they felt that more people would buy it regardless of the price as there would be more demand. I always perceived a dollar store type of place as a quick grab and go for small items though and not a place where you would want to contemplate too much if you could get a better deal elsewhere.

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