Not Settling For Consolation Purchases When You Miss Out On A Deal
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Not Settling For Consolation Purchases When You Miss Out On A Deal

Today I thought I would drop by the Save On Foods as they had a $1.49 Tuesday sale again. There was only one item that sounded kind of interesting as there were some precooked bacon on sale at that price where many places sell it for almost eight dollars usually. When I went to the store though it was all sold out. As a consolation I was debating about getting something else and the only thing that remotely got me thinking were bags of chips for $1.49. I think most people would take it, but being frugal and seeing how much you can buy convinced me to hold off as I simply visited other supermarkets as usual.

At one store they had a clearance section and boy were there a lot of interesting stuff. Everything from cereal to cookies there seemed to be great deals. Cookies that normally go for $3 being sold for 94 cents? Cereal that could easily be sold for five dollars usually for under two dollars? Sure enough, I decided to buy some stuff and you can see the savings.

Imagine if I bought that bag of chip and I was thinking of getting two originally. This was a great example I thought on how far your dollar can go when you really lookout for those deals. The more of these deals you find the easier it gets to resist so-so sales or getting consolation items.

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