Not Paying Yourself For Your Work

Not Paying Yourself For Your Work

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While talking to a person recently he was telling me about his budget plans for a project where it seemed like he had everything organized and ready to go. To my surprise, even though his budget gave him the flexibility to do so he insisted that he shouldn’t pay himself. Now usually this is normal in the sense where people simply funnel the earnings back into the company as a form of investment. But in this case it seemed like he just decided to pay other people more money.

I guess it is a noble thing to do I was just thinking how this hurts everyone in the long run where he isn’t taking care of himself and sure enough he actually has a rough time financially. You just can’t forget to pay yourself when you invest all this time and money into some kind of project or business venture. I know a lot of us wish to be great philanthropist in the future. But until then we need to be able to put ourselves in a position to be able to do so.

Just like helping others for free too you could be doing a disservice to everyone by undervaluing your work while at the same time setting yourself up for some unnecessary financial hardship. Don’t forget that you need to take care of yourself too and it is a business after all.

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