Not Paying Energy Bills To Protest Prices
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Not Paying Energy Bills To Protest Prices

This was kind of interesting as apparently in the UK there is a call for people to simply stop paying their energy bills as a form of protest for increasing prices. As well, it seems like worldwide people are concerned that government officials will be forcing people abide to restrictions which may be fuelling the anger. When I am thinking about that it can be risky for them considering the energy company can just turn off the power. But if there is a lot of people doing it would a company have to find a happy medium?

I can’t really think of a situation like this personally where when it comes to essential services this kind of non payment method ended up working. I guess like most things where if literally everyone did it then an organization would have no choice. Imagine if this was your private company and say 5% of your customer base decided not to pay the bill as a form of protest. Would that be enough to get one to panic? I personally would imagine the number would have to be over 25% to get any company or organization to really take it seriously.

I am interested in seeing how this plays out as many times when it comes to price increases for essentially services most would simply scramble to create a new budget in order to adapt.

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