Not Knowing What Good Actually Is Without Experience

Not Knowing What Good Actually Is Without Experience

While in the community garden recently there were these grapes growing that looked like it was a deep purple color. I always liked grapes and so I was curious in trying it as I actually never tried one straight from the grapevines. I mostly have just eaten store bought ones. Upon eating one I was so amazed at how good it tasted compared to what I was used to. It gave me insight as to what chefs usually say too where fresh ingredients makes a huge difference as opposed to frozen items.

The more I thought about it the taste itself is probably what a normal “good” should be. It’s just that I never actually had a reference to what a pure fresh grape that hasn’t travelled say hundreds of kilometers should taste like. That’s important to think about for virtually everything you get in life. Especially if you are paying money for things that claim it’s the best quality. Like with this grape example the taste of it fresh off the vine is probably almost impossible to achieve where if someone said their grape product at the store costs $100 because it is so great I would rather spend that in trying to grow my own if I was that crazy for the best per se.

That’s why it’s good to keep in tune with what other companies offer too because if you are just stuck with what one particular company says is worst to good then you are restricting yourself to only their personal standards as opposed to everything that is out there. You might never know what you can get actually get like in this case.

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