Not Just Trying Anything Without Direction
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Not Just Trying Anything Without Direction

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Recently a lady contacted me online as she was looking for a career change it seems and thought that I could help her. The funny thing was she sent me this message that was literally like a pitch to try and land a role for some kind of part. It was almost like reading an American Idol audition on e-mail.

I was trying to figure what was going on too as based on what she requested I was in no position to aid her. Imagine you working as a dentist for example and then all of a sudden this person runs up to you telling you how they are the best skater in the world and think they would be right for joining the team for the Olympics. This went back and fourth for awhile and then I discovered something interesting that answered everything.

Apparently what happened was that this person was so enthusiastic about her dream profession that she went scouring the web for various ways to help her accomplish this goal. In the midst of this, she bumped into a site that had one of those typical sales pages where they hype you up to buy a product or to join as a member for a fee.

In the member side of the site there is suppose to be a wealth of insider information to help you get work in the field you are looking to break in. In many ways it reminded of those sites where they advertise that if you join you will get access to wholesale company lists and so fourth so that you can start your own retail business.

From what I saw, what the site did was that it actually ripped content from various sources, including from my site, and used it as a “library” of sort to educate people and made it appear as if they were the author. For one particular section it looked like it was simply scraping content from my blog and I guess they forgot to take out some parts that identified the source. As a result, the lady found me that way. Thing is, the page had a bunch of different information from different sources and the one she read wasn’t from me.

Now her comment was an eye raiser in some ways as before that I questioned how she found that site. She mentioned she was just using the search engine and was willing to try anything to reach her goal. From what I saw, she forked out some good money for it too. Considering it is using free information, that sure was a bad deal I’d say.

Just trying anything like a lottery ticket steers you in the wrong direction I’d say. Like a lottery ticket too, in this case I could easily see her spending away her savings hoping that eventually she will buy into something that will give her the result she is looking for.

While them scraping content from various sites is one thing, I guess the important thing to take out of this is the importance of having a direction and plan for yourself. Like driving a car to get to the final destination, you should first determine the area you are in and then the types of path and vehicles you could use to get there. That way, you aren’t just looking for ways to drop you off at the finish line and are less susceptible to wasting money on unnecessary things that promise you the moon.

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  • Seabuckthorn 1/29/2009

    Wow, fantastic post. I really couldn’t agree more, and in fact the woman’s actions remind me of the shotgun approach I have taken to various career pursuits – looking back, I have to say that my actions reflected the inherent unsuitability of the career change, lol. Not to say the same for the woman who contacted you, but in fact what I’ve seen for myself is that when a path is right for me, the actions are laid out for me (in my mind’s eye at least) pretty much like lights on a runway.

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