Not Investigating Bills Because They Are Too Low
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Not Investigating Bills Because They Are Too Low

Today I went to return this phone modem to a company as I switched services. It’s one of those situations where the company gave you equipment to use and upon cancellation you need to return the item or you will be billed for it. Now to my knowledge the service had been canceled and I was billed ahead of time for the equipment. So as the person described on the phone when I return the item I will get full credit for it and therefore my balance would be at zero dollars.

Interestingly enough, when I returned it the person asked if I wanted to pay my remaining balance for the service now. I was kind of surprised and asked how much it was as I assumed it would be zero. He mentioned that it was ten dollars. I asked where this came from as the service had been canceled for a long time and his answer was that it was probably just due to a ten day grace period in canceling the service.

While this wasn’t very good, I just said that I would pay for it as I had to go considering it wasn’t too much. Under regular circumstances though I would normally scrutinize this stuff till the end as it is wise to do so. It starts to add up when you ignore too many small fees like these.

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