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Not Including Phone Chargers And Accessories To Make More Money

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I was thinking about this new trend that phone manufacturers seem to be adopting. Whenever you purchase a new phone you can usually expect to have all the basics to get started such as cords and chargers. But recently many manufacturers are not including these items in an effort to cut down cost and suggesting that people buying new phones usually have spare ones around the home. But still, a lot of people feel like they are getting shortchanged.

For the most part it seems like consumers will tolerate it in the sense of they won’t boycott a product because it doesn’t come with a USB cord as an example. So knowing that would you think it’s a good sensible idea as a business to not include these items and potentially making more as consumers who do need them will spend more money with you?

I know sometimes this can result in getting lower consumer reviews on shopping sites and that extra score can greatly influence a person’s purchasing decision. With that said a large company can probably get away with it more versus a smaller company.

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