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Not Feeling The Need To Cater To Every Customer

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While going for a hiking trip today it actually involved having to rent a canoe since no one in the group owned a boat. This one company essentially gets all the business where it’s essentially once everything is rented out it’s pretty much tough luck for people. You can image people out of town who travelled all the way to experience the hike just to be let down if there are no more boats. Apparently one of the reasoning for this is if you rented out infinite boats as an example then the whole area would be too congested which would be bad.

I was then wondering if it was more about the fact that the business makes a decent amount of money as is where there isn’t really an incentive to try and cater to as many people as possible in various ways. One way I was thinking that could work was they could rent the boats as is still and then having maybe a boat bus of sort on specific times of the day. You could price it in a way that would make it worthwhile for the business while giving people an option. Again though, it makes me wonder if being in a comfortable position here makes one not even want to try.

It’s definitely true that you can’t please everyone where you will probably end up in a bad situation if you do. But not even wanting to try to cater to more people as time goes on makes me wonder if that wouldn’t be the smartest thing to do. It’s usually how a competitor grows as well.

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