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Is Not Enough Money Ever An Excuse To Not Start Something

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The other day I was having a conversation with a friend who has aspiration to work in a particular field but hasn’t had much luck getting any big contracts of sort yet. As a result he has been working a lot of part time jobs. He was expressing to me how he wanted to start a site for like a simple resume and portfolio site awhile back. When I asked him about it recently he mentioned he hasn’t done it as he has no money and doesn’t want to use free services that would have brands and watermarks on his site.

My first response to him was actually how I felt that was an excuse. You could literally set something up for like less than five dollars where the most expensive thing is the domain name as I know first-hand there are plenty of places that say hosts for free. Especially if all you want is like a resume site. That made me think how another person once said too that money should never be an excuse to actually start something.

In many ways it’s true too as it just seems like the very easy answer to not do something. Like in this case one can become a little resourceful and ask all of their contacts if anyone can help with an affordable solution. Then if a person like me saw it I would offer what I know. I suppose in some ways too it’s like saying if you were stuck in an island would having no money stop you from even trying to start in building like a shelter of some sort?

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