Not Committing Exclusively To Your Projects

Not Committing Exclusively To Your Projects

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I was kind of amazed at this recently where I saw a person who was chosen to work on a project. Generally speaking, one can expect to be there the whole day so you pretty much should clear your schedule. She was being paid for it as well so it’s essentially a job. What was shocking was that throughout all that time it seemed like she was so eager to leave to the point where she didn’t really care about her quality of work. It’s almost like a catering company booking a huge event where other actual day they just want to throw anything out regardless of quality so that they can go home and watch a game or something.

The person seemed to go as far as trying to trying to use up specific resources in hopes that will end the production faster. Very unprofessional I must say personally. You usually only see this kind of problem when companies tend to take on more jobs and customers than they can handle. The quality often suffers because they just need to get something done. In cases like this though I think it’s best to actually put your full attention to the things you committed to.

Usually doing a good job on one thing can often lead to opportunities and referrals. As well, it’s often about one’s attitude that makes people want to work with specific people again or not. If people are willing to trust you to be a crucial part to their operation like this it only make sense to be committed to it. If you would rather attend some evening function as an example then maybe you should pass the offer if it means your attention and work quality will suffer.

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