Not Caring About Every Customer When You Are Busy

Not Caring About Every Customer When You Are Busy

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So recently I have been monitoring a particular industry where a ton of people are scrambling to be the first to offer various services due to the fact that it pretty much is a mandatory thing. You can imagine businesses getting a non-stop flow of customers. Because of this it’s interesting to see how many business operators have a don’t care attitude in terms of making customers happy because people have no real choice per se which gives them a steady flow of people to bill.

That is so short-sighted I feel where eventually that source will try up. Especially when the industry matures where competition will increase. People will remember too if you were that company that simply just wanted to take everyone’s money I guess you can say. I was always taught that you have to treat each person professionally and respectfully because you are trying to build a relationship with people. It’s not just about selling that item or service but rather building that foundation of trust per se where people will come back and tell everyone about you.

For that it often means showing that you actually care and can relate to others as you are genuinely trying to solve their problems without breaking the bank as well I guess you can say. Isn’t that something every business should be aiming for too in regards to increasing customer loyalty for the long term as opposed to seeing people as a one-time transaction?

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