Having No Time Versus Not Having Motivation To Do It

Having No Time Versus Not Having Motivation To Do It

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This was an interesting contrast example the other day where there was an event here where it was spread out in the city. There were various locations that had things to see and they were probably about 1.5 km apart which is quite a walk for many. I wanted to see a bunch of stuff and was prepare to do the walk. One person I was talking too was saying how there just isn’t enough time to go to the other venues and so I ended up going alone and met up with him later.

I did end up being able to see everything with time to spare. The interesting thing was I found out later that the other person didn’t want to go not because of the time but rather he didn’t have the motivation to want to walk for that long. That is such a huge difference in reason fundamentally and is probably true for many in other examples.

Just like starting some kind of venture or project many people say they have no time yet you will probably see them spending an hour or two watching something on TV. It’s important to be honest with yourself in these cases otherwise you could end up forever procrastinating in doing what is necessary to achieve he things you want. It’s not about finding time but rather obtaining that motivation to actually do it.

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