No Spending Without Bringing My Wallet
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No Spending Without Bringing My Wallet

As I left the house today after everything was done I figured that I would go for a walk to see the sights around the area since it had just snowed. It wasn’t until two blocks away that I realized I actually forgot to bring my wallet with me. That meant no cards or cash to buy anything if I saw a good deal should I decide to visit the supermarket. After thinking about it, I decided to just leave the wallet at home which means no purchases could be made as I didn’t intend to buy anything anyhow.

There was a chance that I would find stellar deal of course. Out of curiosity I did decide to go to the mall to have a look around. As it tuned out, there wasn’t any earth shattering deals. There was actually some chocolate almonds that were on sale which seemed like it was 30% off, but since I didn’t really need it plus I didn’t have my wallet with me that made it an easy choice just to save money.

I wouldn’t normally do this intentionally just to stop myself from spending money as I have pretty much gotten into the habit of only spending if I have to or if the deal is truly that good. I do wonder if this can actually be effective for people who can’t resist impulse shopping.

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