No Name Brands Becoming A Brand Name Too

No Name Brands Becoming A Brand Name Too

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When it comes to buying groceries you can often save money by purchasing generic items that don’t have any fancy marketing branding or slogans. While in many cases you can argue that the quality isn’t as good as the big name brand items, it can be hard to justify paying an extra 30% for something you probably won’t think too much of later such as some salt. The savings usually does come in the fact that there isn’t any branding.

But that’s what got me thinking as lately I think the prices for a lot of no-name products don’t seem to yield the same amount of savings as before. It seems like a 10% savings is a bit more common. On top of that, it seems like stores are advertising no name products more which made me wonder if that is a big reason for the increase in cost. In many ways the price is so close that I actually just wait for a sale for either product versus before where buying no name was like buying the other item on sale.

There are actually more companies selling generic brands not so much as a no name branded product but rather they brand it as their own store product. I guess like most businesses when one sees an increase in sales maybe that gives them the itch to try and earn more.

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