No Idea If You Are Buying Is Authentic Products

No Idea If You Are Buying Is Authentic Products

This got me thinking today as I passed by a few stores that sold well known brand merchandise such as Nintendo characters. While most people would probably base the purchase on its price, it got me to think how these may be unlicensed products you are buying which would kind of affect the value of it. That would be a reason why it is so much cheaper as an example. But at the end of the say, does t matter to you?

For example, if you needed to buy a child a toy or doll of a specific brand do most people even care to look if it is authentic? Again, I would imagine there most people would base it on product availability and price. Of course if you go to the large commercial chains you would automatically expect everything to be officially licensed products. But often in malls as an example there are a lot of small stores and kiosks that could sell merchandise that is simply a knock off.

It’s obviously something that costs the licensee a lot of money too if there are unauthorized products being sold.

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