New Year’s Eve Spending Thoughts Day
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New Year’s Eve Spending Thoughts Day

Sunny drone shot

It’s new year’s eve today and while I am planning to do fun stuff I am always thinking about what I can do that’s new or what I can invest in that will help make my life more prosperous as the days go by. This is about the only time of the year when I seriously contemplate what I should spend a lot of money on. For example, I am semi set in getting a new phone this year as three years has gone by with my existing one and it feels like it is time to upgrade.

But then there are other stuff where I wonder if I should risk it for the heck of it as it could pay off. For example, getting a better quality camera where I don’t technically need it but many times there were actually things I could potentially get involved with even as a freelancer if I had better gear. So would you risk that type of investment?

Usually my negotiation point there is if I am going to use it in a serious and consistent way then regardless if I do say professional work then it is justified. For example, maybe documenting special events with it. I don’t usually have goals such as say going on a diet type of routine that most people have. It really is more about investing in things for myself. Either way, hoping everyone has goals they will crush this upcoming year.

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