New Years 2023 And Celebration Spending
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New Years 2023 And Celebration Spending

Happy new year everyone. I’m sure most people are celebrating the day either with people they know or participating in some kind event. One thing that made me think today is how I heard conversations of people who don’t normally spend a lot money feeling that they have to such as dining out at a restaurant.

In a lot of cases, even people who are completely tight on money ended up spending money even though they didn’t have too. That made me think since it is the new years and how I guess that could be a resolution for people not to feel obligated to spend a lot of money in order to celebrate something if one can’t truly afford it.

That seems like a strange type of social pressure that shouldn’t exist where somehow spending more money equals to actually celebrating an event. There were so many things to do as well such as people doing crazy things like a polar bear swim which was free.

It seems to be more common I find now for people to debate say spending $50,000 for a one day wedding if they can’t really afford it or could use it as a down-payment for a home instead as an example. So there is nothing wrong with not spending money on a day like new years if it makes more sense for you.

Happy new years everyone.

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