New Year’s 2021
Financial Management

New Year’s 2021

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Happy new year’s everyone. Although things haven’t technically cleared here to go back to a regular working life I suppose the early part of this year will test if you adequately prepared for more potential lockdowns. For myself I invested in items like hard drive space in anticipation that we will all need to store a ton of data for our work. A 16TB one is the highest capacity I invested in.

Finance wise it was good to do it the year before too just so I won’t be surprised in having to invest in resources right when I need it. Often times you will pay standard prices and for items like these I can always use it in the future. May as well get it with the Black Friday sale prices as an example. Another year does mean renewal for a lot of services like the Internet. But that usually has to be held off until you are very near expiration to get the best deals.

Let’s see what 2021 brings. But either way, I feel like I am prepared for whatever awaits. Happy new year everyone.

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