Never Truly Connecting With The People You Meet

Never Truly Connecting With The People You Meet

Meeting and networking with new people is pretty much essential for virtually every business as often it is who you know. As well it can be a great way for everyone to grow together where everyone’s unique skills and offerings can be complimentary in helping one another grow. There are even speed networking apps nowadays that almost feels like some dating app. That’s what got me thinking where even with those apps it’s easy to meet new people but actually connecting and understanding about each other’s business is something people don’t normally dive into.

Why this got me thinking as the other day I saw a post from a person who was interested in creating some work and was seeing who else would be interested within the same field. The thing is this was the exact person I saw in a different place before where while we connected we never actually seriously sat down to discuss if our skill-sets and interests match up in any way for some kind of collaboration. So seeing the person post that made me think how many times we constantly met the right people but fail to take any action.

That’s sad to think about where you spend all that effort looking for the right people when they are right in-front of you huh? It’s almost like you have to discipline yourself to take the time to genuinely speak with the people you meet where if you don’t you can’t go on to the next person. Because in many ways it is such a potential lost opportunity.

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