Networking At Places That Cost Less Money

Networking At Places That Cost Less Money

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This was interesting scenario where I was talking to a person who’s job is to essentially network with a ton of people to generate funding for projects. So while getting the chance to mingle with certain people is often a key challenge in itself it was kind of interesting to hear how it can be financially challenging to follow through because many people will insist in going to places that cost a lot of money. For example, having a casual business meeting at a restaurant where everyone can probably expect a bill of almost one hundred dollars.

For this one example it was kind of interesting to hear how because of the expense in meeting with a person he essentially steered the conversation to just have a casual meet and greet of sort at a coffee shop instead. He definitely saved a ton of money in doing do. I can imagine how for many people they spend hundreds dining out simply because they don’t want to look cheap per se. Especially when you are trying to create something kind of lucrative deal.

I guess in that case it helps to try and know all of your local businesses so that you can specifically target what the person enjoys where even going to a cheaper place will be appealing to them. They say it takes money to make money. In scenarios like his though networking shouldn’t have to cost you a fortune just for a quick talk.

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