Negotiating Prices With Doctors

Negotiating Prices With Doctors

I read an interesting note today on ways to save money which was kind of interesting. It was mainly US based and dealt with medical bills as doctors usually charge an arm and leg for services. With that in mind, apparently one thing that people constantly overlook is the ability to negotiate with the doctors in terms of pricing in a similar to manner to how you would negotiate with a retail sales person to try and get things for cheaper.

That’s kind of an odd thought too when you think about it. Imagine going to see a doctor and the one of the first thing that comes to your mind is “Can I get a better deal?” It’s like one of those things that you only see in the movies or cartoons. Reminds me of the Simpsons and that doctor that does surgery and such for cheap.

Makes me wonder what you could negotiate with as usually for things like a retail store you can get cheaper prices buy offering to buy more items or promising to return to the store. I don’t think you would want that with a doctor where say you want to get sick again to see them. Then again, maybe bartering could work to a certain extent as they are like everyone else and are usually dependent on other people’s expertise in different fields.

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