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Negative Sale Pitches From Workers

I thought this was funny. Recently a family member told me that he bought a laptop from a store. It just so happened that not too long ago they purchased a desktop from the same place and the same sales person was assisting them. While the salesmen didn’t recognize them they definitely recognized him.

The humorous thing was how the sales person tried to get them to buy an extended warranty of sort. His approach was literally the same both times where he said something along the lines of “Are you just going to throw that computer away in two years? They mass produce those things nowadays and so the quality is not as good.” Essentially, he is implying that the product will fail in due time and you need a warranty.

It’s times like that where it’s probably good to invest in some kind of monitoring procedure to make sure that people in your organization aren’t using techniques like that to up sell people. I would imagine that vendors wouldn’t be too happy if they find out that their retail partners are making those kinds of remarks about their products too. I guess secret shoppers are the most common way to do this type of monitoring.

Just from a consumer point of view I usually find negative sales techniques as a sign to go elsewhere as usually it’s an indication that most of the things they are telling you is to simply drain your wallet. Makes more sense to want to spend your money with people who are positive and want you to have the best.

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