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Negative People Being Your Biggest Promoters

I was showed a funny example today of how these two guys seemed to have something against another individual where as a result they insisted in continually talking bad about him and his business. The irony was they were trying to speak negative about him to people who didn’t even know who he was to begin with. Therefore, instead this acted like a marketing tool for him to get more exposure from people who wouldn’t have known his business otherwise.

He handled it pretty well too as all he did for the most part was ignore them and continued to put out work for people too see. As expected, he generated new business and interest that way. That is a better way to do it I say as usually people would be so caught up in trying to attack the people who are bad mouthing them. It is very hard in the beginning to simply ignore people like that though. I think eventually you just learn that it is more productive and to dedicate your energy and effort in creating great things as oppose to trying to change others who are set on a certain view.

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