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Being Too Negative About Not Receiving Fee Perks

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Recently I was invited to go to an event where for the most part I gather the reasoning for this was that the event organizers figured that I would add some value to the event in the form of helping to get the word out about it. So I treated it as something fun to do for the most part. But the interesting thing was there was another person who didn’t get an invite and as a result he started to publicly talk about the event it in a disparaging way.

I always wonder do people believe if you talk negative and loudly enough in these types of situations that a company or organization is more likely to accommodate you in the future? I would be inclined to say it would do the opposite. The only scenario this would probably work is if you were an unsatisfied paying customer. That is a little different where a company would probably try and find out what they could do better.

But for receiving things like free perks and invitations I feel that should be more about what you can do for the company per se to want to offer you various items or services. Because it is like the polar opposite where they are spending money on you instead. Being negative isn’t the way to go I feel.

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