Natural Free Sources As Oppose To Stores
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Natural Free Sources As Oppose To Stores

Today I was in a couple of grocery stores as I wanted to buy some blueberries and blackberries since usually this is the time of the year where these items drop in price. It was so amazing to see the difference in prices between the stores I was at.

For example, one place charged about $1.30 for this small container of blackberries and another store sold virtually the same product for about $4.30. While that sure shows how shopping around can save you a lot, one of the comment that was thrown at me was how there are so much blackberries that can be picked for free in this area that is not too far from where I am at. All I would need to do is pick them which requires very little labor.

That just got me thinking too on how there are so many times where we get caught up in trying to find the cheapest store to buy items from that so soon we forget that if we actually just went back to our roots of finding say some good fruit trees that we can get our products for free from nature.

I will most likely look into this more too. I think the only real category of food/fruit items I would be terrified in just picking out naturally would be mushrooms as there just seems to be so many of them where some are poisonous that it is probably better to just go with store bought ones.

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