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National Financial Literacy Month

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I was just asked about this and the only thing that crossed my mind was “What?” Apparently, April is dubbed as a national financial literacy month in the US where people take the time to learn more about finance issues to make people better in managing their personal finances. I don’t think there is anything like that here in Canada where it is an actual formal occasion.

To be honest, I don’t even remember seeing any news reports or anything about it on the US channels that are air here which makes me wonder what kind of stuff people do or if enough people actually take it seriously. There was an interesting survey done here a few years back which found that most Canadians found financial planning and choosing good investments to be a more stressful ordeal than visiting the dentist. Guess that shows overall that the education system is a bit lacking when it comes to teaching people about financial management.

I’d say stuff like this is a good step to educating the masses though.

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