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Name Brand Parts In Lesser Known Brand Products

I was researching for an IPS LED monitor today as I was thinking of upgrading one of my work monitors. Of course, I always want to try and find the best valued item. That then led me to read about some lesser known brands such as Monoprice. I have heard of this company before as it is more known to geeks as a place to buy extremely cheap hdmi cables. Apparently they are selling monitors now too. For one of its items it was interesting as in the product description it states “The heart of this monitor is the beautiful IPS (In-Plane Switching) LED panel made by LG.”


I was thinking too as this is actually very common when it comes to monitors where the screens are all made from the same factory and company many times. In many ways you are simply not paying for the brand marketing. I must admit though, the savings price seems a bit too high. But in general, if you are buying a lesser known brand product researching where the parts come from may surprise you. In many ways it can literally be like buying re same brand name product without the higher price tag.

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