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So today is my nephew’s birthday which meant that I have been trying to find something to buy him which would be good for a one year old. The funny thing I thought was how they have all these big brand named items, such as certain clothes, for kids this young which costs 5 times as much as something similar from a lesser know brand. I’m just thinking to myself…..can a one year old really distinguish between say a Tommy Hilfiger shirt and one that is not? At the same time, do they know enough about brands to really appreciate it?

I guess in some ways we are all a bit brand obsessed as we are willing to spend the extra dollar to go with something that we trust. In a lot of cases I would agree that is a wise thing to do as well. At the same time, I think sometimes we become so reliant on a brand that when we are buying something, which we don’t know much about, we end up purchasing it mostly based on the brand factor.

For certain things, buying a no-name brand product can end up giving you the same type of item that will do you just as well while allowing you to save a lot of if you are one of those people who are tight on a budget. There just seems to be these ego factors for a lot of people where they feel if they say buy a no-name brand product that it somehow places them into this undesirable category. If the product has virtually no difference in terms of its significance on what it is suppose to do, then you can easily say that it would be a smart thing to do to go for the less expensive brand. So for myself, again I usually decide based on overall value of something as oppose to say entirely on a brand.

As to what I ended up buying, my nephew is pretty active and hyper and so I decided that I would buy him this mini sports centre.

Now I just hope he will throw those basketballs through the basket as oppose to other people.

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  • Daniel 4/27/2007

    That was the best choice…. for a one year old kid….

    Sometimes I don’t find any difference between branded and unbranded things…feel like its just a name….not all things but few….

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