Must Having To Spend Money To Start A Business Debates

Must Having To Spend Money To Start A Business Debates

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I was listening to a person essentially giving advice on how people can create a business and he immediately goes in saying how you are going to have to spend a lot of money in the beginning where you may see no return for about three years. For example, getting a loan from the bank to pay for rent, employees, etc. Once you work your business for a while then you will start to recoup and earn a lot of money.

It personally puzzles me when people say that as there are so many examples of people essentially investing mostly their time in the beginning as they have to do everything themselves. Once they start making some decent income flow then they start to think about items such as expanding operations with employees. I mean it really depends on what kind of business you are operating.

For example, for rent a ton of people use their garage as their office in the beginning. My personal worry is going in with the mentality that you have to spend money may lead people to invest in things they don’t truly need in the beginning only to end up in debt as an example if things don’t work out. Granted that you need to invest in items to get started, but you don’t necessarily need everything as if you are a large corporation already as an example.

I think a lot of Internet success stories are the best example such as how maybe in the past to become an author you need to have good connections and spend tons of money marketing. But nowadays you could easily create and distribute eBooks with mostly just your time.

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