Doing Multiple Job Positions To Save Money

Doing Multiple Job Positions To Save Money

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The other day I was kind of surprised as there was this company that was producing a project where you would normally expect a team of twenty or so to accomplish. While I didn’t have any doubt they would get things done it was kind of neat to see people essentially changing roles on the fly to save human resource money. For example, someone who is supposed to only manage all the paper work suddenly jumping in as a handyman in getting things setup.

They didn’t seem stressed out at all. If anything they just seemed really efficient where everyone knew exactly what needed to be done with no wasted resources per se. Many times we do think we need so much people and resources to do certain things when in reality we don’t. It just comes down to really understanding and being organized on how to execute your projects.

It helps to get your feet wet in as many different jobs as possible too as it gives you the perspective on how to do things efficiently with that knowledge. Sometimes reading a book just isn’t enough compared to actual work experience in these cases. Just imagine what you could do in like the above case where if you can do something with so little then you can do some crazy amazing things with more.

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