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Multiple Business Identities

I was looking at one person’s business tactic on how he tried to acquire customers. Essentially, he used a ton of advertising mediums where more than likely people that are looking for such a service would be likely to find them. The thing is in every advertisement he used the exact same contact details except the name of the company and sales ad was different.

What a risky way to do business I thought. I suppose the mentality is that if you flood the market with enough identities then it gives people a false sense of competition and hence they will be more likely to go with you still. Almost like a large corporation that has a ton of subsidiaries that operate under a different brand.

In those cases it’s a little different though as in this case it’s almost like a one man operation and if people see what you are doing it is probably going to be one hard thing to explain. It comes across more as spam if you were to categorize it in a digital realm I’d say.

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